Judgment, inequality, gender bias and lack of care for the environment are distant memories left from histories of past planets and societies. The days of corruption and generational wealth deciding who the winners and losers are, who will work tirelessly and who will rule are long gone. The future is here. Slick City is the foundation of the new way future societies will operate. Equality, identity and governance are the primary pillars of Slick City - a land where a citizen can be themselves, no matter their color, gender identity, style of clothing or way of thinking. The Slick City NFT represents this wave of thought and is building a community that embodies these pillars through charity, fashion and a community treasury.

The first pillar, equality, is present within all three Slick City pillars but is directly represented in the charity element of the project. Regular donations will be sent to charities that align with Slick City’s core values. Adding a real-world benefit to this digital society is of vital importance to the founding team and will be an ongoing component of the project. Eventually, as Slick City grows, community events will be designed to provide an even larger impact to these movements to aid in less hate, gender bias, inequality and better treatment of the environment. In addition, a ‘safe space’ community will be established, bringing in leaders and representatives with diversity, equity and inclusion experience as well as environmental and social impact backgrounds to facilitate discussions on these topics. Slick City will be a place that community members worldwide can come to express themselves, receive support and create relationships with like-minded citizens. 

Identity, the second pillar of Slick City, is portrayed by the focus of fashion within the project.  Art director, Lea Lorraine's immense attention to detail in each custom designed piece of clothing and accessory worn by the Slick City citizens, provides a portrayal of personality and expressiveness through fashion. Holders enjoy eligibility for limited supply drops of upgradable, top-tier NFT fashion pieces. Further use plans for unique Slick City digital accessories include metaverse fashion shows and exchanges on platforms like Victoria VR. As the project grows, SC will selectively headhunt partners to create and drop exclusive physical pieces.

Governance is the third and one of the most important components of Slick City. From the first sale of the Slick City NFTs, a portion of the revenue generated will go to a wallet, completely controlled by the community. An egalitarian, fair system of decision-making without hierarchy is what makes up this treasury or ‘Slick City Democracy’. Each Slick City citizen (one NFT) equals one vote. The citizens will propose businesses and the concept with the most votes will be allocated funds. The success of this business will come back to the citizens of Slick City. The treasury will be moderated by a real-world legal entity that will ensure fully legitimate legal operations for the longevity of the project.