When Slick City has amassed its first 4,444 Citizens, a donation amounting to 10% of the initial mint will be made to two charities that align with Slick Cities core values of inclusivity, diversity, equality and environmental consciousness. Charities such as the Clean Air Task Force, Girls Not Brides, Planned Parenthood and National Center For Transgender Equality are the top contenders for the initial donation after mint.  This donation will be on-going, with .5% of ALL secondary sales being sent to these charities, perpetually. In addition, future releases from Slick City will have a charity component, with a focus on always supporting diversity, equity, inclusion, environmental and social impact causes.

Slick City will host, support and establish a ‘safe space’ community online where individuals can come to discuss topics of gender equality, LGBTQIA, racial equality, mental health and environmental consciousness. The Slick City citizen hub (Discord), has several dedicated channels that will have full-time moderators and will be a place to help facilitate these discussions. There will also be regular Twitter Spaces events, where leaders of respective communities can come in and speak with the community about these important societal topics.


Art Director, Lea Lorraine has her finger on the fashion pulse and an acute sense of specification for each individual clothing piece and accessory debuted on the Slick City citizens. This fashion element to the project is an expression of identity and Lea’s take on current, artistic clothing trends and their existence as a digital, web3 phenomenon known as an NFT. Identifying with a particular style or brand is a primal trait embedded in the DNA of humans; by representing oneself in a similar fashion to others, one is now a part of the same ‘tribe’. This tribe then becomes a community and with the advent of web3 technology, this community can be granted ownership. The bridge between the physical vouge and what everyone is immersed in digitally is quickly becoming inextricable.

In the metaverse, we are unfettered by geography, race, class, gender or availability of fashion within our shopping mall. By the undeniable fact that most of our population is entirely more focused on what is going on with the updates on their phone than their physical lunch date, it is a fact that digital life is gaining importance at an exponential rate. It follows then, that virtual assets such as jackets and sunglasses, in the form of NFTs, are also of increasing importance and value. Slick City NFT aims to progress what has been introduced to the digital fashion world thus far by pushing constructs of self-expression, identity, tribalism, status, cultures and contemporary trends to their full potential. The fashion industry will face a paradigm shift directly related to NFTs. Utilities such as brands being able to test the popularity of a particular line digitally before they do physical drops are industry game changers.  

Lea Lorraine and her team spent nearly a year developing each unique fashion item for the first release of the Slick City hybrids. Literally hundreds of individual jackets, jewelry pieces, tops, dresses, eyewear pieces, and hair styles were created to give holders the most diversified set of digital fashion the NFT world has ever seen. In the real world, no one wants to wear the same thing as everyone else, and that concept was transcended into the Slick City design process. Each Slick City hybrid is an individual; these NFTs were not created to be mass produced but instead give holders something that they love and hold onto. 

Slick City plans to introduce NFT fashion innovations in both a physical and digital form. Limited supply drops of upgradable, top-tier fashion NFT pieces will become available to holders. These unique NFT fashion pieces will then make their way into metaverse fashion shows in Decentraland and by the eventual purchasing of Slick City clothing pieces in platforms like Victoria VR. Further, Slick City will selectively headhunt partners to collaborate on the creation of exclusive fashion pieces that will eventually come to form in physical drops.


Slick City citizens are empowered to propose and vote on the use of the city's treasury funds through Slick City Democracy. The Slick City Democracy is made up of 20% of revenue generated from mint and 3% of secondary sales of the first release Slick City NFT. These funds will be used to develop a fully community-governed project. The community can vote for both established businesses and startups alike. Community members will create proposals and then vote on these proposals, with each NFT representing one vote.

The project proposal with the most votes is granted access to these funds, with the sole purpose of growing or creating this community-voted project. A third-party advisor will have control of the wallet and will send funds to the business for approved uses. All of the additional community members will be incentivized to help grow this business with their own connections and resources, because success of this project will be fully reflected back to the holders.

Community meetings will be held via Twitter Spaces or the like so that input can be provided and resources can be shared to build the project. There will also be a Discord channel soley for resources and discussions of this project. In addition, non-NFT holding business leaders will join Twitter Spaces to add value to the community and provide both general entrepreneurial advice as well as specific input for the Slick City project.

By being a Slick City NFT holder, you automatically become a member of the Slick City Treasury and are able to provide input and resources to aid in the success of this project. Valuable knowledge, relationships and pride are established both from being involved in this business as well as from input by industry leaders and a community of motivated entrepreneurs.